Our Mission

WELTI’s mission is  to :

  • empower young women between the ages of 14 to 30
  • work assiduously towards the enthronement of women in leadership positions in Nigeria.
  • foster the unity of Nigeria by ensuring equal opportunity to leadership and economic development of all Nigerians especially women through mass mobilization.
  • undertake socio-economic and developmental growth projects driven solely by transparent integrity and good leadership.
  • hold workshops, seminar and conferences on the virtues and values of importance of good leadership, accountability, transparent, integrity and the maintenance of good democratic values in every field of endeavor.
  • underscore the linkage between sustainable developments growths in the society on the one hand, and integrity and good leadership by decision makers on the other hand.
  • promote and enhance integrity and leadership qualities and skills amongst individuals, states, and institutions.
  • train and orient women to adopt the right values in life.
  • engage in measures that will promote the welfare of women in our country.
  • promote national building through qualitative leadership building.
  • indoctrinate and bring out leadership in members and others who have the interest qualities.
  • create Awareness literacy in women in the area of HIV/AIDS and Female Reproductive Health.